Kenmore® Presents a Whole New Spin on Laundry With the Launch of a Revolutionary High-Efficiency Line

Nation's Leading Appliance Brand Responds to Consumer Demands and Develops Line Featuring Five Revolutionary New Wash Motions

Kenmore® has been an iconic name in the appliance world for more than 80 years, and has become a staple brand in many households across the country. Kenmore continues its great history of developing innovative products with the introduction of its latest vision in appliances -- the new line of Kenmore and Kenmore Elite® High-Efficiency Front Load Laundry. The new line includes premium laundry products featuring smooth touch technology and a one-of-a-kind design. With a combination of outstanding cleaning performance, new Smart Motion™ technology, ultra-large capacities, an advanced Vibration Guard™ system, and a greater emphasis on fabric care and convenience, these front-load laundry pairs will bring excitement to the industry. And, they will change consumers' expectations about how to properly clean and care for their clothes.

"Americans have trusted Kenmore to provide laundry products that are both high performance and dependable," said Betsy Owens, Kenmore brand's vice president and general manager. "We know from customer feedback that they are looking for appliances that are not only reliable, but also sleek and stylish. As Americans' needs change, Kenmore is changing with them, raising the bar on style and innovation in the category."

More than just great performers, the new Kenmore Elite laundry pairs are setting new standards. With a careful eye on what is sophisticated and stylish, they set the standard for design by incorporating new curves, an innovative door design, groundbreaking controls and exquisite new colors.

"Consumers are craving products that are better, faster and more convenient -- without a hefty price tag. Kenmore is listening to their needs and we're trying to find solutions to help make their lives easier," said Betsy Owens. "The new line of High-Efficiency Front Load Laundry products are challenging existing laundry paradigms by taking fabric care and convenience to the next level. We're setting the standard for care by going beyond just tumbling with five revolutionary new wash motions that will re-define how to clean and care for clothes."

Smart Motion Technology: Five Wash Motions That Know How To Treat Your Clothes

Some washers can only tumble. Not the new line of Kenmore and Kenmore Elite washers. They move in five unique and revolutionary ways. Smart Motion Technology is based on the agile Direct Drive Motor that precisely controls the action of the drum, creating five unique wash motions, so everything from rugged workwear to denim to lingerie gets just the right amount of care. Consumers get the best of both worlds -- cleaning power and fabric care -- in one washer. The five wash motions are custom combined for each wash cycle to give the right amount of care to each garment type. The five motions include:

  --  Tumbling - Conventional wash motion where clothes are moved from the
      bottom of the drum to the top of the drum in a large, circular motion.
  --  Rolling - Clothes are gently moved in a small circle along the bottom
      of the drum, keeping them immersed in water.
  --  Scrubbing - The drum alternates direction causing friction between the
      clothes, which creates a scrubbing effect and keeps clothes immersed
      in water.
  --  Swinging - Clothes are gently tossed side-to-side for a delicate hand
      wash effect.

  --  Stepping - Clothes are lifted to the top of the drum and then dropped
      sharply to the bottom of the drum.

  Stain Treat™ Option: Concentrates On Stains, So You Don't Have To

The Stain Treat option virtually eliminates the need to pre-treat stains by tackling tough set-in messes like syrup, grass, coffee and grape juice.(1) It lets you kiss stain sticks and sprays goodbye.

Vibration Guard™ Technology: So Quiet You Won't Even Know It's On

Vibration Guard Technology is designed to provide smooth, quiet performance with every load. The Direct Drive Motor combined with vibration dampers and a balancing system works to reduce noise and vibration so customers can enjoy quiet operation.

Greener Appliances: Savings You Can See

The ingenious Cold Clean™ cycle uses cold water to clean clothes as effectively as warm-water cycles while using 43 percent less energy than the already highly efficient Normal cycle. All Kenmore and Kenmore Elite High-Efficiency washers meet the new ENERGY STAR® criteria(2) and let customers save more money, more water and more energy. In addition, every Kenmore washer meets Tier 3 high-efficiency specifications established by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), a nonprofit organization that promotes energy efficient products and services.

Washers Meet Their Perfect Match: Dryers That Finally Treat Your Clothes Right

The new Kenmore dryer line combines all the elements that customers look for, such as large capacity, great drying results and convenience, and puts them all in a super stylish package that beautifully matches the washer line. The line meets every drying need, with cycles including:

  --  Adds Convenience with SteamCare™ Technology - Steam is used to
      relax wrinkles and reduce odors in just 20 minutes. Steam also powers
      the Static Shield™ option, which reduces static cling and the need
      for dryer sheets.
  --  Sanitizes Items Without Getting Them Wet - The NSF® certified(3)
      Sanitize Cycle eliminates 99.9 percent of certain bacteria by reaching
      and sustaining the required temperatures for sanitization. Perfect for
      items that need to remain dry such as teddy bears and pillows.
  --  Cares for Sensitive Fabrics - The Khaki/Jeans Cycle lowers the drying
      temperature and retains a higher moisture content in garments to help
      protect and care for fabrics that are prone to shrinking and fading
      such as khakis and jeans.
  --  Provides Gentle Care to Clothes - Dual Sensor Dry Technology offers a
      more gentle way to dry. This technology automatically detects the
      moisture content in clothes to apply the right drying temperature and
  --  Dries in No Time - Express Dry Cycle lets you get dressed and go. This
      cycle quickly dries a small load in less than 30 minutes.(4)

  --  Dries Shoes Without the Noise - The Drying Rack gently dries shoes
      without tumbling them, and it is perfect for sweaters and other lay
      flat items.

  High Design Exterior: Breakthrough Style, Groundbreaking User Interface

The new front-load line has been redesigned from top to bottom. From the sleek lines to a head-turning integrated square door design, to an innovative and intuitive control panel, these pairs are a work of art.

  --  SmoothTouch™ Controls - Make it easy for customers to choose cycles
      and options with intuitive audio/visual cues to guide them every step
      of the way. The chrome knob is circled by a unique blue LED ring that
      adds a touch of modern sophistication. Lockout prevents little ones
      from activating the controls.

  --  Designer Colors - Put the emphasis on style in the laundry room.
      Select models are available in rich signature colors like Ginger and
      Chili Pepper, for customers looking to make a splash. Every model is
      available in White for customers looking for a clean, classic look.

The all-new High-Efficiency lineup offers customers access to more models, more features, more convenience, more performance and more style. No matter the level, customers can expect superior cleaning, capacity, conservation and clothes care from products in the new lineup. Customers can mix and match steam and non-steam models to create their perfect pair:

  --  Kenmore HE Washer 40021 & Dryer 80021: Step-up Features:
      --  3.6 cu. ft. IEC washer
      --  Direct drive motor
      --  1,050 max RPM
      --  Internal water heater
      --  8 wash cycles / 6 wash options
      --  7.1 cu. ft. dryer
      --  8 dry cycles / 6 dry options
      --  Color: White
      --  Washer Regular Price: $799.99
      --  Dryer Regular Price: $799.99
  --  Kenmore HE Washer 40272 & Dryer 80272 Step-up Features:
      --  4.0 cu. ft. IEC washer
      --  Smart Motion Technology (4 Motions: Tumbling, Rolling, Scrubbing,
      --  1,100 max RPM
      --  Vibration Guard™ technology
      --  Stain Treat™ option
      --  Cold Clean™ cycle
      --  7.3 cu. ft. dryer
      --  Color: White
      --  Washer Regular Price: $899.99
      --  Dryer Regular Price: $899.99
  --  Kenmore HE Washer 40311 & Dryer 80311/8: Step-up Features:
      --  4.2 cu. ft. IEC washer
      --  1,200 max RPM
      --  10 wash cycles / 6 wash options
      --  10 dry cycles / 6 dry options
      --  Dryer rack
      --  Stainless steel dryer drum
      --  Colors: White and Ginger
      --  Washer Regular Price: $999.99
      --  Dryer Regular Price: $999.99
  --  Kenmore HE Washer 40441 & Dryer 80441: Step-up Features:
      --  Steam Care Technology
      --  Steam Refresh™ cycle
      --  10 wash cycles / 7 wash options
      --  Washer drum light
      --  Static Shield™ option
      --  Colors: White and Ginger
      --  Washer Regular Price: $1,199.99
      --  Dryer Regular Price: $1,199.99
  --  Kenmore Elite HE Washer 40512 & Dryer 80512: Step-up Features:
      --  4.5 cu. ft. IEC washer
      --  Stylish, integrated door design
      --  Sanitize cycle
      --  SmartSense™ option
      --  10 wash cycles / 8 wash options
      --  My Cycle
      --  7.4 cu. ft. dryer
      --  Color: White and Ginger
      --  Washer Regular Price: $1,199.99
      --  Dryer Regular Price: $1,199.99
  --  Kenmore Elite HE Washer 41022 & Dryer 81022: Step-up Features:
      --  Steam Care technology
      --  Smart Motion Technology (5 Motions: Tumbling, Rolling, Scrubbing,
          Stepping, Swinging)
      --  Workout Wear cycle
      --  Steam Refresh™ cycle
      --  Pre-wash
      --  12 wash cycles / 11 wash options
      --  Washer drum light
      --  Static Shield™
      --  12 dry cycles/8 dry options
      --  Colors: White, Ginger and Chili Pepper
      --  Washer Regular Price: $1,399.99
      --  Dryer Regular Price: $1,399.99
  --  Kenmore Elite HE Washer 42192 & Dryer 81292: Step-up Features:
      --  SmoothTouch™ controls
      --  1,300 max RPM
      --  Rugged™ cycle
      --  Khaki / Jeans cycle
      --  14 wash cycles / 11 wash options
      --  14 dry cycles / 8 dry options
      --  Colors: White, Ginger and Chili Pepper
      --  Washer Regular Price: $1,599.99

      --  Dryer Regular Price: $1,599.99

For more information on the Kenmore and Kenmore Elite High-Efficiency laundry pairs, please visit or the nearest Sears store.

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(1) Based on 5 stains tested on Heavy Duty with Stain Treat option

(2) Based on July 2009 ENERGY STAR criteria requiring all qualified products to have a Modified Energy Factor of 1.8 or greater as well as a Water Factor of 7.5 or lower

(3) The NSF mark is assurance that a product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification companies in existence today, NSF International

(4) Based on 3 lb. AHAM load

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