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STORES Favorite 50 Online Retailers List - 2011

For a third year in a row, three of Sears Holdings e-Commerce websites ranked in the Top 25 on STORES Magazine's list of 50 Favorite Online Retailers of 2011. Sears.com was number nine, Lands' End was number 15 and Kmart.com was number 16. Sears Holdings continued to be a leader amongst its peers in the online retail space by bridging the digital and physical worlds to create the most positive shopping experience for customers. STORES Favorite 50 Online Retailers is a list of e-Commerce websites as ranked by the consumers who use them. The survey polled 8,379 shoppers and asked two open-ended questions: "What website do you shop most often for apparel items?" and "What website do you shop most often for non-apparel items?" No merchant’s names were listed or suggested. The final list was assembled by ranking online companies in order of total mentions.

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