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Sears Holdings has been selected as a Silver winner by the online trade publication Retail Touchpoints for its 2014 Channel Innovation Awards.

This award program is designed to honor retailers who are achieving cross-channel success in today’s challenging retail environment.

Winners of the 2014 Channel Innovation Awards are focused on improving their businesses through unique targeted channel strategies. All winners are successfully integrating the benefits of successful channel marketing and services to their customers, and delivering impressive results.

Retail Touchpoints noted that, “Sears Holdings is changing from a traditional retail business model, into a member-centric business model which leverages data and technology platforms to provide benefits to its loyal members through Integrated Retail, with the goal of building lasting relationships with members, not just transactions.”

SHC was also acknowledged for:

  • In-vehicle Pickup – enabling members to pick up their online purchases at Sears’ stores within five minutes of arrival, without leaving the car
  • Get Advice – a crowd-sourced approach that gives members a way to tap into the expertise and product knowledge of Sears’ store associates as well as the Shop Your Way community
  • Member Assist – a tool that allows our members to interact one on one with our store associates to get answers regarding any product or service related questions
  • Shopping Recap – letting associates send an email recap of products they showed to members in-store
  • Digital signage – replaces paper signs and provides more flexibility with dynamic pricing
  • Returns and exchanges – both can be initiated online and completed in stores in less than five minutes

For more details, click here.

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