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Kenmore, Craftsman & DieHard Brands wins South by Southwest Interactive Award - 2011

Craftsman Screw*d won the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Award in the Business Category. The SXSW Interactive Awards honor the best new and most cutting edge in digital work, from mobile and tablet apps to websites to kiosks and installations and beyond.

Craftsman Screw*d was an interactive reality show where Craftsman tools dropped the unhandiest person they could find, Alan Weischedel, into the wild alone, equipped with nothing but an earpiece and a set of Craftsman tools. Faced with extreme tool challenges in the bayou, the desert, and the mountains, his survival depended solely on the advice coming in from the tool-savvy community viewing him online in real-time at home.

The SXSW Award is an excellent example of how Sears Holdings continues to showcase its most important brands, like Craftsman, as leaders in innovation and product development while continuing to build lifelong relationships with customers through social media and integrated retail.

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