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Best Brick & Mortar Game Retailer and Deal/Sale of the Year - 2011

Kmart was awarded the Best Brick & Mortar Game Retailer in the 8th Annual Cheapy Awards, ending a competitor's four-year streak of winning the award. The Cheapy Awards are the only awards that recognize the best (and worst) in video game retail, nominated and voted on by the Cheap A** Gamers (CAGs), the most knowledgeable video game shoppers in the world. The CAGs cast over 56,000 votes across 13 different retail related categories and five CAG community categories.

Kmart also won the Best Brick and Mortar Deal/Sale of the Year for its 'Black Ops' promotion. Kmart's Video Games Buyer received three awards for the Biggest CAG Shopping News, CAG Community Award and the Speedy1961 Deal Buster Award. Kmart's video Games Buyer was considered the number one community member/contributor in 2010.

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